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How HND Holder Secure Master’s Erasmus Mundus Scholarship offer

In this interview, we look at how HND holder secure master’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship offer

At times, people give up on their dreams due to the challenges faced but in most cases, these dreams need just a little push to achieve. His academic pursuit story is such that it would motivate those in this category to keep their dreams alive and valid.

This is a story of Sheriff (an HND holder secure master’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship offer) who graduated from polytechnic to secure master’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship offer according to International scholarship Forum on Telegram.


According to interview with Sheriff at International Scholarship Forum, Sheriff recounts his journey from “being an HND+PGD holder to a Corpernicus Master In Digital Earth ( CDE – Erasmus+ EMJMD ) scholar in an interview with Olajide for Erasmus-Mundus Nigeria.

1) Kindly introduce yourself and your academic background:

My name is Sheriff Oluwagbenga Jimoh, from Ogun, South-west Nigeria, with an undying spirit to attain greater heights. My academic background is in Surveying and Geoinformatics with a Higher National Diploma (HND) certificate from Federal School of Surveying, Oyo, and a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) certificate at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Well, I must not forget to say that I graduated with distinction (first class) in both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

2) From your experience so far, what are the societal perceptions towards people with a national diploma in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, people with my academic qualification are treated as second class citizens both in the academic and working environment, thus very limited to some opportunities such as promotions, scholarships to mention a few.

3) Could you describe your scholarship application experience?

Having applied for various scholarships in both Nigeria and abroad since 2014 after attaining my HND and 2017 after concluding my PGD with no success, I think it was quite enough for me to conclude that “I was no more interested in scholarships”. I almost gave up because I had already put in for a master’s degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) in 2018 but my instinct keeps pushing me and telling me that there are still opportunities waiting for me.

4) Kindly share your ”notable” failed pursuit for a scholarship?

One of the notable scholarships I remember applying for was the Nigerian Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) in early 2018. I had to travel from Lagos to Ibadan for physical screening and interview.

When it was my turn for the screening after waiting on the line for quite a long time, I was told outrightly that I was not eligible for the scholarship because I had an HND certificate. I felt sober and disappointed after wasting my quality time, days (I spent two days in Ibadan), and money as a result of the travel.

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5) Describe your journey towards winning the Erasmus scholarship.

In late 2018, the application for the Erasmus Mundus Copernicus Master in Digital Earth scholarship was opened and I summoned the courage once again to apply. I applied and was scheduled for an online interview which I did successfully. In April 2019, I received a mail from the selection committee that I was on the reserve list. I felt a bit relaxed as I knew I was doing something right.

Eventually, in September 2019, I received another mail that I had been selected for the Copernicus Master in Digital Earth scholarship (EMJMD CDE+). I dropped the other master’s program immediately for the scholarship (what would you have done if you were me?).

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6) What interests you about the EMJMD program?

What intrigues me about this scholarship is its Erasmus Mundus label, leading to a double degree (Joint Masters Degree) with full funding from the European Union. I was full of joy and I thank God for making my dream achievable despite my qualifications. The opportunity to travel and gain multicultural experience is also a plus for me.

7) Describe your study mobility

Presently, I am at the University of Salzburg, Austria for the first year of my master’s program. I would be moving later this year to Palacky University Olomouc, in the Czech Republic for the second year of the program.


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8) Any advice to prospective applicants, especially those who would love to take your path?

My advice to prospective applicants for scholarships with the same qualification as I am are as follows:

i. Determine and understand your niche (s) i.e. your area of specialization and career objectives.

ii. Do your research on scholarship openings and choose the ones that are relevant to your career perspectives.

iii. Don’t be afraid to apply, even if the scholarship is only open for BSc. holder, apply anyways.

iv. Put a lot of effort into your statement of purpose stating clearly your motivation for your intended study, career objectives, prior work, and research experiences. Vetting your SOP with an experienced individual is equally important.

v. Ensure that you get all documents required for your application and submit the application before the closing date.

vi. For some scholarships, you might need to have an online interview. Prepare well, compose yourself, answers the questions to the best of your knowledge.

vii. Note that the selection committees for most scholarships mostly want a diverse class and well-rounded students. You could be a good fit for this category, thus winning the scholarship.

viii. During the application process, figure out if your qualifications (HND+PGD) fit into the degree requirement for your Erasmus program of interest.

9) Any parting words?

Conclusively, it is not enough to say that because you have an HND certificate or HND+PGD certificates, you cannot achieve your career goals and your professional development. Equally, I would advise you to keep your dream alive and don’t ever give up. If I can achieve it and prove that I am not a second-class citizen, you can also do it. You must keep pushing till you reach your goals.


This is how an HND holder secure master’s Erasmus Mundus scholarship offer. Do you find this story interesting?. Drop your comment at comment section below.

Thank you and stay safe.

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