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20 IT Companies to Work For in Nigeria (2020)

Nigeria is fast developing in the area of information and technology. Some major companies contribute to the sporadic growth of this industry. This article will look at the top 20 IT companies to work for in Nigeria.

What is IT?

IT is otherwise known as information technology is the use of computer systems, storage devices, networking systems, and other physical, infrastructural devices and processes to create, process, secure, and exchange information and electronic data.

List of IT solution companies in Nigeria

  1. Andela
  2. Google
  3. Cisco
  4. MTN
  5. Globalcom Nigeria
  6. Airtel
  7. IBM
  8. Microsoft
  9. HP
  10. Check Point
  11. 9mobile
  12. Vmware
  13. Oracle
  14. EMC
  15. Huawei
  16. Business connexion
  17. Mainone
  18. Ericsson Nigeria
  19. Interswitch
  20. Omatek
  21. iPNX
  22. Galaxy Backbone
  23. Chams PLC
  24. e Tranzact
  25. Cloudware Technologies
  26. Sidmach
  27. Intel Nigeria
  28. Dimension Data
  29. Vodacom
  30. wipro
  31. Weco System
  32. Resourcery
  33. Layer3
  34. Computer Warehouse Group
  35. iTeco
  36. Roe Limited
  37. Micro Access
  38. Internet solutions
  39. Flutterwave
  40. Paystack
  41. Dell
  42. Tek Expert
  43. iROKO Partner
  44. Zinox
  45. Dataflex

Top 20 IT Companies to Work For in Nigeria (2020)

Here, we are going to consider the top twenty IT solution companies in Nigeria.


1. MTN

MTN Nigeria is considered as the best IT company in Nigeria due to its network coverage and good service rendered as a service provider.

MTN is a forward runner in the world of the service provider in Nigeria. They began operation in 2001 after been licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN group whose headquarters is in South Africa whereas MTN Nigeria headquarters is located at Ikoyi, Lagos.

MTN offices cut across other part of Africa.

MTN slogan is “Everywhere you go”.

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2. Globacom Nigeria

Globacom Nigeria is fondly called Glo NG is one of the leading IT companies in Nigeria. They are the foremost indigenous telecommunication company in Nigeria. Glo provides cheap internet service and telephony services. Glo spends a lot of money to extend its submarine cable from the United Kingdom to the West Africa coast which enables them to provide affordable internet services to West African countries.

University Deals

Their headquarters is located in Lagos and branch offices in other west African countries.

The company is owned by Nigerian second richest man, Micheal Adenuga sometimes called Mike Adenuga.

Primary School Deals

Glo Slogan is “Glo unlimited”.

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3. Paystack

Paystack is an indigenous IT company in Nigeria. They help to solve payment problems with over 25,000 merchants across African countries.

Paystack was founded in 2015 by two startup entrepreneur Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi.

4. Google Nigeria

Google is known as the world’s largest search engine. In Nigeria, Google is promoting information technology in such a way that it is also called “IFA” meaning world oracle.

Though Google headquarters is based in the United States of America, Nigeria Google search engine is also working perfectly with domain custom as www.google.com.ng

Google office is Nigeria is located at 39, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

5. Airtel Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria was formerly known as Zain Nigeria. Airtel Nigeria has over 39million client base. The products and services include a 2G network, 3G network, 3G network, wireless service, and enterprise service. The company was born from Bhati Airtel, an India based telecommunication company.

Airtel is presence in all states throughout the federation both local and cities.

Website: www.airtel.com.ng

Airtel Slogan: “The smartphone Network”

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6. 9mobile

9mobile was formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria. They are a multinational firm located in the United Arab Emirates with branches across Africa.

9mobile began operations in Nigeria under the name Etisalat in 2008.

They invested so much in their innovative infrastructure to ensure good internet service delivery.

Website: www.9mobile.com.ng

7. Cisco

Cisco is a multinational company with a presence in Nigeria. They are doing well in terms of unified communication and telepresence.

Cisco is the best provider of IT security in Nigeria and its services cut across connectivity and networking.

Website: www.cisco.com

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8. IBM

International Business Machine also called IBM is leading IT company in Nigeria. Their services include IT consultation, ERP, CRM, business analytic and optimization.

Address: Karimu Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Website: www.ibm.com

9. Microsoft

Microsoft is also a leading IT company in Nigeria. They have an international presence providing IT solutions like cloud computing, smartphone tech, hardware, and software manufacturing. It is needless to say, Microsoft is the brain behind running computer windows.

Website: www.microsoft.com

10. Mainone

Mainone is also a large telecommunication company in Nigeria. They are indigenous service providers with projects across major organisations, schools, and government enterprises.

Mainone extended submarine fibre optic cables from Portugal to South Africa. The cable was also extended to Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

The company was founded by Ms. Funke Opeke in 2010. Funke Opeke is also the owner of Mainstreet company.

Address: Ligali Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Website: www.mainone.net

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11. Ericson Nigeria

Ericson Nigeria is a Swedish company with branches across major cities including Africa. They are services include mobile broadband network services, telecommunication, software development etc.

Address: Carrington Cresent, Victoria Island Lagos.

12. Zinox

Zinox was founded in 2001 by Stanley Ekeh. The company was founded to fill the gap of shortage supply of computer in Nigeria.

Zinox computers was branded with naira sign with strong battery and components.

13. HP

Hacket Packet otherwise known as HP is another multinational company with branch office located in Nigeria.

The company is another computer and accessories manufacturing company in Nigeria. They provide IT services which include: storage, server management, printing and accessories manufacturing.

Address: HP service center, 98, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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14. Oracle

This is another multinational IT company located in Nigeria.

Oracle specialized in data management, enterprise software management, artificial intelligence and business intelligence.

Oracle has conducted projects in server management, IT cloud computing etc.

Address: 8th Floor, Heritage Place 21 Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Website: www.oracle.com

15. Huawei

Huawei is one of the leading provider of information and communication technology. They are specialized in IT, cloud computing and smart devices.

Address: Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

16. Interswitch

Interswitch is member of Interswitch group founded by University of Benin graduate, Mitchell Elegbe in 2002.

The company is payment service and transaction processing provider in Nigeria, they’ve even extend their services across Africa. They develop payment infrastructure for Banks, government and organisations

They also provides payment and transaction advisory service.

Website: www.interswitch.com

Address: Oke Awo, Victoria Island, Lagos.

17. Dataflex

Dataflex is one of the oldest IT film in Nigeria. They started by supplying computer infrastructure. As at today, Dataflex is one of the leading enterprise service provider in Nigeria.

Website: www.dataflex.com

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18. Flutterwave

This is another startup in Nigeria with office in both Nigeria and San Francisco. Flutterwave solve major payment by of fast and secure payment through the use of it’s API.

Flutterwave was founded by group of ex-bankers and entrepreneur in 2014.

Website: www.flutterwave.com/ng

19. Tek Expert

This is another IT solution provider in Nigeria. They are leading provider of IT support and software.

Website: www.tek-experts.com

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20. E Tranzact

E tranzact is Nigeria foremost payment processing platform in Nigeria.

The company was founded in 2003 and thereafter has spread to other countries including, South Africa, Ghana, Zimba and United Kingdom.


The above represents our findings based on employee job satisfaction. We will like to know your views.

Thanks for reading.

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